New Year, New Design

January 06, 2019


2019 is here and I feel like it’s time to start putting more effort into a few things, one being this, my personal blog. Even if its just a place to regurgitate things I’ve learnt and catalogue my thoughts in order to reference them for another day, so be it.

As you can tell with the lack of blogs on this site (2), I feel like I’ve neglected it. But, I now feel I’m in a much better position to blog about what I’ve learnt since working as a full time front-end developer. Over the last 18 months I have used a variety of different front-end frameworks which I’ll hopefully be able to write about as and when I come across any nifty tips and tricks.

One of the most recent bits of tech I’ve had the pleasure to dabble in is Gatsby. I’ve only scratched the surface after following their excellent docs but I feel as though every man has his dog seems to be placing their bets with it and re-doing their sites with it. I’m very tempted to update my site with Gatsby as amongst anything the performance benefits are amazing (not that this site is slow by any means).

A few 2019 goals

What is new year without a few resolutions and goals? That being said, a few of mine revolve around updating this blog so that this time next year I can look back and see what I’ve learnt and where I’ve come since.

Another is to read more. I’m the sort of person that loves the idea of reading and I usually buy interesting looking books which I never seem to make time for. I’ve listed to more audiobooks last year but I have many physical books I’ve bought over the years that I’m yet to read. Well, this year I’ll be making more of an effort and possibly blogging about my thoughts on any that are worth recommending.

Finally, it’s becoming ever more apparent how much JavaScript is taking over the front-end stratosphere. Another goal is to put time into learning React in more detail. It’s a framework that looks to be everywhere so to learn this properly and create a few projects will be something I’m looking forward to doing more of this year.

So that’s the first blog of the year done. I’m looking forward to what 2019 has in store and to what I’ll be learning as the year progresses.

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