Why I Use Perch CMS

22-02-2017 12:00:00

Content management systems are a great way to update content and generally maintain a website with little or no real effort. From adding pictures to blog posts or changing text for a promotion, using a CMS is a breeze. So with a vast array of options available (some being much better than others), I want to go through why I'm a massive fan of using Perch.

A bit of background, I’m fairly new to web development and content management systems, however I feel I now have a good enough grasp of how they work. Having previously worked in marketing I regularly had to update content management systems with the usual polava such as blog posts, adding pictures of turf and soil (oh, it was exciting!) and generally updating the site when a promotion may have taken place.

I've used a few of them [CMS] from Wordpress, Umbraco, Craft (which is also a pretty slick offering) and Perch. I still find that Perch is brilliant at what it does and isn't so overbearing. It sits nicely in the background, does a great job and doesn't cause a fuss.

I say this as other CMS on the market seem overly complicated for just displaying content. Yes, they can be a brilliant platform to blog and share thoughts but I totally agree with articles on the web that point towards them trying to do everything, with it having negative impacts on the basics. So what are the main reasons why I like to use Perch? I’ll split this into two perspectives, from a client and from a developer/designers point of view.

Benefits of Perch CMS


An example of Perch Blocks module

An example of Perch Blocks module


Updating the site with new content is easy and the design is well laid out. The back end is also in the process of being overhauled (Perch 3) which will add more features and will be responsive and easier to update on tablets and mobile phones. Changes made are instantaneous on the back-end, even with slightly larger sites with a lot of content. It’s very easy to navigate around the back-end.

So there you have it. A quick look into Perch CMS and why I’m such a massive fan. If you have any questions about building in Perch or just using it in general let me know!