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Matchaletic are an online business that specialise in selling Matcha Green Tea. Matchaletic wanted a quick, responsive website to sell their products, with an integrated back-end Commerce system to handle the orders with no fuss. The first iteration was set up with Ecwid shopping cart, a quick and easily integrated E-Commerce system that suited their setup quite nicely.

Below are a few snapshots of how the site first looked when used on both desktops and mobile phones. Since the website went live (early last year), the site has been updated with the addition of a content management system (Perch), new features such as a promotional bar that is shared globally across the site and an email subscription box, just above the footer.

Matchaletic - Matcha Green Tea Suppliers
Responsive Design

The current site now operates on Perch CMS, a simple, fast and remarkably able content management system. It makes editing content a breeze for the client and, due to its flexibility and unrestricted nature, it allows me to create a site that stays true to the original design.

Custom blocks were also created, allowing content editors greater freedom when creating new pages. This means that text and images can be maneuvered into different orders, resulting in a site that doesn’t have to have the same generic layout for each of the different pages.

An example of how to add content and move it within Perch

An example of how to add content and move it within Perch

Two new features were also implemented, a promotional bar above the header and a footer subscription box. The promotional bar allows content editors to highlight a promotional code or sale item globally across the site, in an attempt to increase the likelihood of sales. The area has the ability to be toggled on/off and the editor can create as many versions as they’d like. Similarly, the email subscription area has also been content manged, therefore making it easy to edit and test different text to see if this impacts conversions (email sign ups).

Promotional Bar

Visit the Matchaletic site.

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