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Kieran Brown


About Me

Hi, I'm Kieran, a Front-End Developer & Designer based in Manchester. I am passionate about building websites that not only look good, but ones that are super quick too.

If you need a custom site for your small to medium sized business, whether it's a simple 5 page site or a larger E-Commerce integration, I can help. If you would like to find out more, you can see my previous work, visit my blog, where I post about design and illustration, or get in touch.

What I Do

Web Design and CMS Integration

So you want a new website but you're unsure of where to go from there? You need a system where you can easily edit the content whenever and wherever you please and that's simple and easy to use...

Having experienced a number of different content management systems, my CMS of choice is Perch. It allows me to design a site however a client chooses and it will not get in the way of that. Perch doesn't get in the way of my code and means the site can stay true to the original design. Perch is also extremely lightweight, unlike other content management systems that try to do a lot more than is necessary, meaning your site will be super quick, keeping both your customers and Google happy.

Custom Illustrations

Custom illustrations are a great way to make a text heavy, slightly boring webpage easier to digest. I'm a massive fan of SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) as the graphics are pin sharp, can be scaled indefinitely and the files size is usually pretty small. I can also provide custom illustrations ranging from logos, animated GIFs and SVGs.

Image Editing and Re-Touching

No matter what angle you took the picture or how good the lighting was, sometimes an image just doesn't look right.

This is where image re-touching comes in. You can literally take a good looking image and make it stunning with a few tweaks here and there.

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  • Why I Use Perch CMS

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